Automatic Selction Systems

Weight Control

ACS Agro-industrial Control System

Automatic selection systems

Based on a PC architecture and iLenia: the most innovative system on the CNC panorama today and offers solutions of the highest technology, with a wide variety of applications.

They include Weight Control and ACS Agro-industrial Control System.

It supports both digital and analog inputs and outputs, various types of axis (positioning, speed) and thanks to a built in PLC (that adheres to IEC 1131-3 norms) it is possible to configure and adapt the system to the needs of the application tested.

The applications are entirely developed in C++ for WIndows operating systems with a highly intuitive and easy to use user interface thanks to the use of color graphics and touch screen compatibility.

The systems have built in production statistics with the possibility to connect directly to the office or to various devices also due to the various applications and drivers already available that can handle printers, bar code readers and other inspection units (metal detectors, X-rays).

Different systems are already available for:

  • Weight selection
  • Caliber selection
  • Color selection
  • shape defect classification
  • Surface esthetic defect classification
  • Selection by size (length, diameter...)
  • Volume selection
  • Selection on the basis of internal features (NIR)